Tuesday, December 14, 2010


yesterday, i had an interview for MRSM Gemencheh,.. i pretend not to be so nervous. it's quite hard but mostly was easy. during the interview day, all the students kene hfal satu muke surat ayt quran. it's quite long. i've to managed to hfal almost one page (BAJETT JE,...). then, during the interview, yg tkang soal dye 2 tanye byk sgt soalan and he asked me to speak in english. what?? alhamdulillah, it was only 10 minutes for the interview. FUUUHHHH!!! and after the interview, we had two test called 'ujian sikap' and 'ujian jawi'. the 'ujian sikap' was quite easy. it was like the aptitud test. and the 'ujian jawi'  was quite tough. and i just BANTAI aja,...haha,.. trok gile. i think that is for now.

BYE !!

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