Saturday, November 27, 2010


hey guys!! i just found my a new hobby!! and its really realy suites me,..haha,... do you wanna know what is my hobby?? haha,..i think it might sound a lil crazy but it was so fun to hobby is called liking cmmt/photos/status/wall/post/ and the others at FACEBOOK !! quite fun actually .... the idea was came from AMEERA JAMAL and AREYNAH ,...nice,.. creative giler korg!! loike !! and now, there's many people had a hobby like us,... some of it are:

1) areynah azizin
2)ameera jamal
3)arina thuraya
4)amir ryo

and many more la,.. :D

i think i'm gonna name that hobby "LIKE FEVER",..haha :P

NGEEE....kay la,..

gotta go!! bye!!

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